Easy edit

Edit everything with a plain text editor.

Structural elements such as headers, blocks, links, are defined using Markdown, which is an easy to learn lightweight plain text markup language.

In the boxxd: Templates and functions based on Markdown.

Your advantages: Clear logical content, speed of content writing, use across platforms.

Slide show

Quickly and easily create a slideshow from your notes, for the team, for a customer, by just using a plain text editor. For profi use with presentation mode for two screens.

In the boxxd: Three different slide show utilities, from simple to Prezi style shows. With templates.

Your advantages: Save time. Fast authoring. Use on the road, offline


A Home page that can be used to describe the project, the people involved, dates, link to other important things, how to use Boxxd, etc.

In the boxxd: A Home page template, easy to edit with your information, preconfigured with links to Help.

Your advantages: One central place to inform and help new and existing users with what is going on.


A container for your files, thoughts, materials, designs, which you can take with you, use on the road, use with your team, or send to customers, partners, to work with, to show or to ask for quotes, etc.

A container which can also be used for transfering documents to other systems such as your corporate enterprise resource system, manufacturing, configuration management.

In the boxxd: Standardised directories and utilities for use offline, on various platforms and as an API.

Your advantages: Transparency. One container to handle all data and facilitate easy exchange of data.


Create a website for your team, product, company, or blog, using plain text files with Markdown formating (needs HUGO - an extra free software).

In the boxxd: A universal template with customisable landing page, widgets.

Your advantages: Easy editable, powerful and easy to generate.


An integrated Help describes how to use Boxxd and the enclosed tools, with an FAQ.

In the boxxd: Browser based Help system. It can be in your your own languages.

Your advantages: Useable offline. Save time and money by customising with your your support topics for your users.


Capture quickly ideas, notes, things to do, snippets, without having to wade through directories or starting software.

In the boxxd: Templates for Jotter to quickly take a note, and for TODO.

Your advantages: Standard places where each can capture their ideas and work status, and a main overview.


Give your team a standardised repository (alpha5) for files being worked on, those finished and an archive.

In the boxxd: Templates for Sources, Items, Archive, Works.

Your advantages: Predefined storage for team, 3rd parties and automation.


Future ready. Boxxd is built for automation and the use of AI, so that things can be be built and information be extracted to feed ERP and fabrication systems.

In the boxxd: Use of frontmatter for describing objects, .wiring control for configuration management, Markdown for structural syntax.

Your advantages: Standardised structures for pre- and post-processing.

Value Domains

Create extra value by collecting know-how, documents and data around specific “value” topics.

In the boxxd: Templates for a set of subdirectories named after the Value Domain Stack.

Your advantages: Easy orientation for team and 3rd parties. Included “value” topics remind of things to be considered.

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