Use cases or 'The Path Of No Return'

By AlmaLab | 19 July, 2017

Boxxd can save time, money and improve efficiency. Its pluggable ecosystem, edit-ability, and extendibility allow it to be used in a multitude of ways. It is like a Swiss Knife - have it in easy reach and when needed use it,

It can be used at home, in a team, for organisational departments or be used to create customer deliverables.

Once you start using it, you will want to use it everywhere.

The following are just a couple of examples where the Boxxd digital container myBoxxd, or simply boxxds can be used.

Have you got ideas where boxxds can bring value? We are also interested in your use case: Please send it to us so that we can showcase it.

How is it used?

The Team

  • Jack, Jill and Bill are working as a team on a project together.
  • They have various ideas about the content, illustrations, etc.


  • They decide to use a boxxd as a container for all their ideas.
  • And that all the project assets i.e. files, are also kept there.
  • They decide to use Dropbox for sharing.
  • Now all three can modify the files, and they are all synced together.


  • Jack uses the Talk slideshow function during team talks in a café.
  • Bill uses the Home file for linking major things together, so that new team members can easily find their way through the structure.
  • The Jotter is helpful to catch snippets of information and thoughts.
  • The TODO keeps each member on track and gives an overview of who is doing what.


  • Later they decide to track changes by using a popular change tool such as git.
  • They place all the working files for the illustrations in the Sources directory.
  • The finished illustrations go into the Items directory so that everybody can easily see when something is finished, and the files are ready to be packaged later.

Who can use it?

Web developer

Use a boxxd to nicely package your deliverables to your customer. See the Packaging of digital products.

Project Lead

Use the Website plugin to create an internal blog or a mini website about the project to inform others in the company.


Capture your ideas and build a slideshow out of the boxxd. Constantly improve and distribute to future partners.

Marketing or Salesman

Use a boxxd to hold all your product prospects, price lists, FAQs, customer stories, legal stuff together. Use the Talk function to be able to give a customer presentation offline. Zip it together and distribute it to your potential customers, partners, VARs or resellers.

Product Manager

Track all product management assets for a specific product within the team.

Services Manager

Describe your services using a boxxd, tracking what has to be done, listing important documents, all accessible via a browser to your users. Quickly do editing, linking and creating new documents without having to wait for other internal departments or service providers.

General examples of use

Idea Management

When developing an idea, notes can be written in simple markdown files. The notes can be placed in their respective Value Domain and then later, when time permits, be fledged out into specifications, documents, etc.

Product Development

All the necessary data for marketing, service, etc., can be stored in their respective directory and be held together.

Venture Development

Role players can build the venture in a boxxd.


The structure can be used to swap info between parties.

Use it to create more value

Technical documentation

The integrated help can easily be modified to create a linkable documentation system, without special software tools or experts.

Product catalogues

Create a navigational product catalogue which can be distributed, or even be placed on a web server for your customers to use.

Pre-packaged presentation

Create a presentation with a simple text editor. Add files, images. Share it by giving to others without having to worry what kind of operating system they have.

Even more use cases in detail

A couple of examples: